All Hallows OOSH

OOSH Parent Committee

All Hallows OOSH is managed by a dedicated group of OOSH parents, known as the Parent Committee.  They employ a Coordinator and other staff to provide quality care for the children of OOSH. Having parents involved in setting the direction of OOSH and key decision making is a great advantage of our service.

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Parents are encouraged to join the committee. Your involvement ensures the ongoing parental management and control of the centre. Please make enquiries with the Coordinator if you are interested.

The Parent Committee meet on Monday, week 3 of each term. All parents are invited to attend. At the Annual General Meeting (which normally takes place in term 4 each year) office bearers and general members of the Parent Committee are elected.

The Parent Committee can be contacted via the OOSH Coordinator (please address any correspondence to the attention of the OOSH Parent Committee or a particular member of the Parent Committee). The Chairperson’s direct email address is 

Office bearers for 2021:

  • Holly Gimenez (Chairperson)
  • Nikki Argiridakis (Treasurer)
  • Liana Clift (Secretary)
  • Jenny Nichols (Public Officer)

Non-executive members

  • Phil Blackford
  • Lisete Caldeira