All Hallows OOSH

Our Educational Program


At OOSH we know that PLAY is essential.  In fact, it is what children are programmed to do!  At OOSH, we encourage children to have fun by creating a program that excites and inspires and that is THEIRS.  Afterall, OOSH is Their Time, Their Place!

Everyday is different…

The program varies daily and is flexible. We encourage free play (children’s choice) and plan activities that extend on their interests and current trends.  One week OOSH will be preparing for OOSH Got Talent, the next a soccer tournament with knitting, sewing, SHOOSH ball, drawing comps and rich spontaneous play in between!

Our various OOSH spaces allow for play & leisure or opportunities to just kick back and relax with friends.

Children can choose to play inside our Weerona, Karingal & Bana Rooms with the many resources provided.

Our outdoor areas give children the chance to stretch their legs and be active!  They can play on the school equipment or grab a ball, a skipping rope or other sports equipment from our shed…plenty to keep them busy!

Our team loves hearing from families and values feedback on the program we provide!

You can leave us feedback about our program at any time by clicking here!