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The All Hallows OOSH is a non-profit, self funding service providing before/after school and vacation care, primarily for children attending All Hallows Parish School, Five Dock NSW.  OOSH is operated by a committee of parents who employ a Coordinator and other qualified staff to develop programs and provide quality care for the children.  The aim of OOSH is to assist local families by providing “out of school hours care” in a secure, fun and friendly environment.

Our Philosophy

All Hallows OOSH is a place where kids can be kids, play freely and have fun!

OOSH is harmonious and liberating. A place where children have self-worth and fulfilment of being, the possibility of becoming what they want to be and where creativity and spontaneity are above all.

As well as providing quality care, All Hallows OOSH’s inclusive atmosphere offers rich learning experiences where children can form friendships, build social skills and become responsible members of the school aged community.

A place where they become FAMILY.

Our program is not formal but rather takes place in a world influenced by the children themselves, which makes each day different.

All invented games are exclusive and celebrate the important nature of playing.

We embrace adventurous play and provide opportunities for children to explore and test their own capabilities.  Deeply woven in our program are experiences that build on essential life skills and opportunities to care for and appreciate our natural environment.

OOSH would not be OOSH without the nurturing and respectful relationships that are formed between the staff, children, families, school and local community. We promote these partnerships and embrace diversity as we recognise the impact these have in creating our unique culture. Specifically, we recognise the importance of acknowledging, respecting and valuing Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

At OOSH we play and laugh together, help each other up when we fall, and most of all, love each other for who we are.

All Hallows OOSH – Their time, their place

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All Hallows Out Of School Hours Care has been assessed in January 2017 against the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care and has been rated as EXCEEDING.

Our service will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the delivery of high quality care and education.


Our activities and programming is guided by the framework developed by the Australian government –

My Time, Our Place

My Time, Our place fosters the following OUTCOMES for children:

  • Strong sense of wellbeing
  • Strong sense of identity
  • Effective communicators
  • Confident and involved learners
  • Connected with and contribute to their world

My Time, Our Place acknowledges the importance of PLAY and leisure in children’s learning and is the foundation for which we base our program.