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2021 Enrolments are now OPEN!

If you would like to enrol your child please use our on-line system powered by SMARTCENTRAL to do so.

Once you click the APPLY NOW button below, you will be provided with further details on the enrolment process.

Please ensure you have read our Family Handbook 2021 prior to making your application.


Please find below some FA Questions that may help you out:

Is there an enrolment fee?

  • No, the $100 Enrolment Fee for 2021 has been waived by our Parent Committee to support families after the strenuous pandemic year.

What if I don’t know my days for next year?

  • That’s ok! Book the days you think you will need for the start of the 2021 school year.  OOSH will allow you to make changes to bookings during the first two weeks of the school year without incurring fees associated with changes. OOSH requires two weeks’ notice to cancel care without charge after that.

What if I am unsure if I am going to use OOSH next year?

  • If you are unsure enrol as a CASUAL. This way, if you decide later to use the service, all the administrative work is taken care of and there is no delay in using the service – especially if you would like care in the holidays.

Can my child who will be starting kindergarten in 2021 use Vacation Care in December/January?

  • Children enrolled to commence school in 2021 are unable to use vacation care in December 2020 but they are more than welcome to join us in January! OOSH will be open for vacation care from Monday, January 11th, up to the start of the school term.  A program can be requested by email.

*Please note: To use our fabulous vacation care service, children MUST be enrolled prior to the start of the holidays.  OOSH will NOT accept enrolments during vacation care periods. 

Should you have any other queries that aren’t covered here or in the Handbook, please email:

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