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Enrolment Fee

An annual resource fee of $100 is charged per family upon enrolment and covers administration, public liability insurance, rent, resources, etc.

The enrolment fee is charged for ALL enrolments whether they are for permanent, casual or vacation care bookings. This enrolment fee will apply regardless of when enrolment takes place during the year and is charged per family NOT per child.

Fee Structure

The Parent Committee reserves the right to raise fees in order to cover costs. Fees will be reviewed by the Committee when required. A minimum of two weeks will be given in the event of a fee increase. Any fee changes will be communicated to parents in writing.

Before School Care Permanent


$12 $11 $10 $9
Before School Care Casual 7:00-8:45am $15 $14 $13 $12
Breakfast is provided. Children may leave OOSH at 8.15am when a teacher starts playground duty. Children who leave the OOSH room at this time and join the teacher in the playground are under the School’s duty of care. Children who remain in the OOSH room remain under OOSH supervision.
After School Care Permanent


$20 $18 $16 $14
After School Care Casual 3:00-6:00pm $24 $22 $20 $19
Afternoon tea and late snacks provided, the menu is posted in the OOSH room for viewing.
Vacation Care & Pupil Free Days

Early Bird 7:15am-6:00pm

$50 (plus extras*)

Early Bird rate applies to bookings made 2 weeks prior to the start of Vacation Care, as specified on the booking form.

*An extra charge above the daily rate may apply depending on the excursion/incursion planned for the day (e.g. cinema, pizza making, tennis, etc.)

Vacation Care & Pupil Free Days

Casual 7:15am-6:00pm

$55 (plus extras)

Casual Rate applies for bookings made after the specified date.

Vacation Care programs will be issued to parents 4 weeks prior to commencement of the Vacation Care period. Any changes to vacation care will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the vacation period. Cancellations after this time will incur full fees plus any extra charges.

Late Collection Fees

Children are to be picked up promptly by 6:00pm. Failure to do so will incur late fees as follows:

  • $1 per minute per child + $10 Administration fee for the first late collection
  • $1 per minute per child + $20 Administration fee for the second late collection
  • $1 per minute per child + $40 Administration fee for the third and final late collection

If parents are late more than 3 times in one term, care may be suspended.

If you know you are going to be late please telephone the centre so both the staff and children are informed and can rest assured.

Non-Notification Fee

OOSH must be notified if your child/ren will NOT attend a booked session. Failure to notify OOSH of any absence will result in a $5.00 administration charge per session.

Notification of absences can be made:

Before School Care:  By email preferably before 7:30am

After School Care: By email before 2:45pm. Notification past 2:45pm by PHONE ONLY

Vacation Care/Pupil Free Day: By email preferably before 7.15am

Payment of Fees

Statements are issued weekly and are emailed to the nominated parent. Fees are directly deducted from your nominated account each week through our debiting system.

Method of Payment

The service uses Childcare EasyPay to deduct fees.  Families will be sent an invitation to create this account via email upon enrolment.  This EasyPay account must be complete PRIOR to your child attending the service.

The Centre covers the transaction fee for registered bank accounts.  However, the transaction cost associated with Visa and MasterCard & AMEX accounts will be payable by families.

  • 54% Visa & Mastercard
  • 42% AMEX

Families whose payments are unsuccessful or failed, will be charged $9.90 inclusive of GST.

No cash, cheques or EFT payments will be accepted.